Toddler Winter Clothes: What you need to buy right now

Toddler Winter Clothes

Winter is here. Now that your sweetums is moving and grooving, you need to pick up some essential Toddler Winter Clothes to keep up with your kiddo’s activity level and his newfound interest in snow.

When your love is a baby, the needs are minimal because a baby isn’t walking and not active. She is simply a bundle of joy that you carry close in your arms to keep warm.


All that changes when the baby gets her feet under her and starts wanting to be outside, even in the cold.

What is the winter weather situation where you live?

So far this winter has been relatively mild for a while, but temps in the teens have arrived. And cold temperatures can be dangerous if your kid isn’t properly protected.

When thinking about your toddler’s winter gear supply list, you need to decide what items are a must and what is designated just for those winter snow bunnies that love to frolic on the mountainsides ski slopes for all day play? Or want to look like miniature versions of their parents, expensive labels and all.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan to do much skiing with my two-year-old, so there are some things he won’t be needing. If you do have a family ski trip in the plans then your list will be a bit longer than most.

If your child’s exposure to winter weather will be essentially you carrying her to the car and back, your list will be quite simple.

Kids playing in the snow for 20 minutes making snow angels and building a snowman until their noses get too cold? You’ll have a bit more on the list.

Constructing all-out snow forts, creating detailed ice sculptures, and all-day snowboarding trips on the mountain with their friends? Oh wait, your toddler can’t even do any of those things, so that’s a list for another time.

So here goes, your Toddler Winter Clothing List for toddlers who spend less than 30-45 minutes out in the cold licking snow and a building snowman before they run back inside for hot chocolate and cookies.

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Winters in New England can be a mixed bag. Chill in the air and rainy with some good snow storms and nor’easterns thrown in.

Your toddler is busy and to get him out of your hair, you need to throw them into the great outdoors for some fresh air and to burn off some of that toddler energy.

We are blessed beyond measure to live in a home with a fenced in backyard. Out the door, you go, my love, bye bye!

But first, a word of financial restraint when it comes to Toddler Winter Clothes

As you know by now, your baby will not stay small for long. Hopefully, by now, you have realized that clothes only last them a few months (AT MOST, one year) before they outgrow them.

So please, please, unless you own a clothing store do not spend excessive money on an article of clothing that your child is likely to wear only 3-4 times the most, or outgrow in 6 months, or is only good for one season (cough, cough, winter clothes!) before they outgrow them and need to move up to the next size.

This is a category of clothing in a time in your child’s life where you should be thinking of how you can find a hand me down or consignment item, or spend less than $15-20, or get it on super duper clearance, or as a gift from someone who did all that too. You get my drift.

Do not, I beg you, spend full retail boutique prices on clothes that your child will wear but just a few times or outgrow at the end of the season.

And if you do….. do not get mad at your toddler when they tear said garment, rub it around in the mud, stain it, poop in it, tear it or any of the other mishaps that happen when you are dressing a human being with an immature mind of their own and less than stellar coordination. Designer, expensive garments are best left on mannequins.

Sorry for the tough love, but I’ve been there and it is money wasted. End of story.


Better to spend that money on experiences with your child, not on making sure that the moms of their little toddler friends think your kid is so cute in their designer coat. Because I promise you, their fellow mates could care less what clothes they are wearing.

Okay, RANT over.

Toddler Winter Clothes for 40+ degree cold days when your kid won’t be out very long:

Cold/Wet Day 

Warm winter coat

Boots if its a rainy day

Hat and mittens

Toddler Winter Clothes for a cold winter’s day in the 30’s or colder:

Base Layer

Thermal long johns help protect the skin from exposure and keep heat in. Good ones also help wick away sweat. But again for 45 min of exposure, wicking is probably not too much of a concern.

**This is necessary when you are planning a sledding trip or a very cold day building snowmen. The more insulation the better for their skin and body temperature. 

Or… undershirts and leggings


Mid Layer

Long sleeve thermal shirts a heavier shirt over the long johns or underwear is advised to keep the core (and all the major organs) warm

Fleece Pants for warmth in the legs.

Sweatshirt, fleece

Outer Layer for Snow

Heavyweight water resistant winter coat

Snow Bibs to keep clothes dry and warm

Snow boots warm and waterproof protect those toes from frostbite


Warm lined Winter Hat

Scarf or neck bib

or a Balaclava

Waterproof Mittens or gloves for snow play

Sled with brakes for kids for sliding down the hills. A lot of Snow expected where you are? YAY!

Crocs or slippers to put on their feet when they come inside and throw off those wet boots.

Favorite places to shop for Toddler Winter Clothes for cheap!

  • Amazon
  • Carters with all the sales and coupons
  • Macy’s ONLY on super sale or clearance
  • Costco or BJs you can sometimes find great coats super cheap for kids.

Winter weather brings with it so many fun memories. Bundle up the kids, send them out there, whip out the camera and start recording the memories for the future. They will not be this cute and this small forever. Not even for a year.

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Be prepared and Enjoy it!!!


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P.P.S. You can find a printable version of this list for your mommy notebook when you sign up for my library below and get organized for a simplified shopping experience.

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