How to Joyfully Survive the Softball Tournament Season

softballs in grass with overlay How to Joyfully Survive Softball Tournament Season

Softball Tournament Season is Here, Don’t Despair!! How to survive a weekend of softball tournament games and find Joy in the Chaos of it all.

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Are you feeling exasperated by the schedule and demands of a weekend of softball tournament games? Yes, I know the feeling all too well. Friday, all of Saturday and most of Sunday (if your team is good) are spent at the field. For several weekends of the summer season. It is a commitment for sure. Who signed us up for this madness?

You did this to yourself…

First of all, let’s just call it out.  You made the commitment for your child to play softball all weekend long for 4-5 weekends of the summer or more for the softball tournament season, so time for an attitude adjustment, mama.

Your kid did not fork over the hundreds of dollars it cost to be a part of a tournament team and if they did, you still had to sign the permission slip.

Fix your head on straight and get organized. It won’t be so bad if you get yourself prepared. Actually, you might find yourself like me, really looking forward to game time!

Here are a few resources to help you do just that.

How to Make a Softball Tournament fun for the Whole Family

“Frazzled Mom’s Epic Guide to Softball Season

“Healthy Game Day Snacks to Make You Queen of the Cooler”

Pack up the car for the Softball Tournament Season

Get the car ready for everything you will need in all weather conditions. Cold, wet, sunny, hot, buggy.

The Best Basic Travel Softball Car Packing List and the post How to Best Prepare Your Car for Travel Softball have all the tips, lists and printables you need to get yourself good and ready.

Print those two resources out right away and get organized for the softball tournament season.

Why ARE we doing this to ourselves?

Enjoy the Fun of the Games and keep it casual.

“How to keep your cool at Game Time no matter the outcome” is an upcoming podcast episode. Look for it here at the Joy in Chaos Podcast.

Why do YOU need to look for her socks?

Does your player have her gear ready?

Teach your girl to be responsible for her own gear.  “The Ultimate FastPitch Softball Equipment List” is a printable checklist she can use to make sure she has all her stuff packed up well.

“The Ultimate How to Prep your Softball Equipment List” post details all the steps.


Go over and print those out for sure!

How are you feeling?

We all know that you are the emotional hub of the family.

Get a good attitude and all will go well.

Spring & Summer Sports can be lots of fun for everyone. Get organized with the links above and be sure to share this with the moms and favorite players on your team who also might be feeling the spring & summer sports strain.

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P.S. Feeling like a packrat when you head to travel softball games? Pick up the Best Basic Travel Softball Packing List and get organized for good! ?

Travel Softball can suck the life out of you when you are 45 minutes from home at an away game or tournament and you realize you forgot sunscreen, the alternate uniform and the phone charger.

Would you like a checklist you can go through to be confident you have what you need, packed, organized and ready to go?

The Best Basic Travel Softball Packing List is for you. This will be a checklist you will use every season to make sure you are prepared.

Share it with other softball moms and teammates too!

Pick it up in the Resource Library below.

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