The Epic List of Summer Sports for Kids to Enjoy This Year

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It is summertime, and our kids are ready, more than ready, to take on all the various summer sports for kids available to them. Whether they hit the field, the water, the courts, or the streets, teenagers will want to get their buns moving, even if they are a bit rusty from this spring. Who can blame them?

This summer, we are bound to be asking ourselves as parents if our teens will finally be safe enough to get out of the house and onto the field. The idea of them being cooped up inside with us is heartbreaking. Everyone has made considerable sacrifices to keep each other safe.


So if it did indeed work and summer sports for kids, including the teenagers, are on, how will we balance youth sports commitments with the idea of finally being able to take that dreamed-of family vacation

Nobody wants to spend the summer of 2020 with fever, in pain, and strapped to a ventilator. So let’s do what we can to stay safe out there! But let’s still have fun!

Summer Sports for Kids

Why get your kids involved in summer sports?

Summer sports for kids can feel different than the other seasons. Summertime sports have an air of relaxation and informality involved. Probably because the games usually don’t count towards state championships and other lasting school records.

Organized sports can be a fantastic way for your kids to meet new friends or connect with kids from the town they already know but don’t know well.

Also, sports and movement can be so nourishing to the body, to confidence, to connection and team camaraderie.

Summer sports are also a means for us as parents to get moving with our kids too. Why not allow sporting games to be a way to enhance dad’s father-daughter bonding strategy or to create some much-needed mother-daughter bonding time.

So let’s explore the different opportunities your teenager has to get involved in summer sports near you.

Summer Sports Leagues for Kids

Since school is usually out for the summer, it’s typically when the spring sports and fall sports have their tournament play for travel and year-around teams.

But your kids should still have plenty of recreational sports teams to choose from if they want to get involved and stay active and busy this summer.

This year, in particular, I can see it being a year where recreational teams pop up to make up for the loss of the spring sports season.

If your teenager craves some team spirit and camaraderie, she might want to give a team sport a try.

Check out summer sports camps offered from Nike in so many awesome sports in your area here!

Some favorite summer team and league sports for teens are:

  • Softball & Baseball ball fields will be filled with kids and adults alike partaking in this favorite summertime pastime.
  • Soccer, all the kids, need is a ball to enjoy this game sure to tire them out this summer.
  • Lacrosse is becoming wildly popular. An excellent choice for teenagers to learn this summer.
  • Field hockey season starts in the fall, but why not warm up the skills on the field this summer?
  • Rugby – this sport is gaining popularity in the USA and is similar to football. If the real thing scares them, Rookie Rugby, with flags, is a terrific option. Check out the Rookie Rugby team nearest you.
  • Flag football – speaking of football, play it without pads, and hopefully too much chance of injury, in this flag football version.
  • Youth Football
  • Basketball – the courts are open all summer for pick up ball games.
  • Volleyball – indoor volleyball camps are popular, as is beach volleyball. Even volleyball played on grass with friends is a lot of fun and can be set up in minutes for hours of fun.
summer sports for kids

Water Sports

Summer is THE time for partaking in water sports for kids near you. Here are just a few of the water sports your kids can join in. Check out this useful article that describes many water sport teens would love.

  • crew
  • sailing
  • swimming*
  • kayaking*
  • windsurfing*
  • diving*
  • Water Polo
  • rowing
  • scuba diving
  • canoeing
  • surfing*
  • snorkeling*
  • rafting
  • wakeboarding
  • water skiing
  • skimboarding*
  • bodyboarding*
  • paddleboarding*
  • and of course, Fishing*

*can be enjoyed alone in the event social distancing is necessary

Court Games

These games involve a hard court playing surface, sometimes a net, and in most of the cases below a racquet of some sort.

Field Games

Grass here is key. Organize these games in your closest field and enjoy.

  • ultimate frisbee
  • beach volleyball
  • track and field games
  • golf*
  • dance, cheer, and color guard
  • marching band camps start-up in the summer, and though instruments are involved, I consider its choreography and precision a sport.
  • Quidditch – Oh my goodness, this Harry Potter fan would have LOVED to play Quidditch as a teenager! How much fun?! Check out this video that explains Quidditch and see if your teenager can find a league near them Or just grab some friends and have a hysterically fun time! And Quidditch is played at the collegiate level too, so this is a new but legitimate game. Check out this video and bring out your inner Wizard. Where is my Firebolt?

Summer Street and Backyard Games

Let’s not forget the basic games that can be played right outside your door or in your backyard.

  • street hockey
  • biking*
  • rollerskating/blading*
  • running*
  • skateboarding*
  • 1-on-1 basketball on your driveway court
  • frisbee
  • badminton in the backyard
  • throw on the radio and dance in the street*

So, were those enough choices of summer sports for kids, or did she want a few more? I hope there are a few here that she will be able to participate in this summer. She might even want to add a few of these to her Summer Bucket List for Teens.

There are a few marked by the * that she can even do alone if she needs to practice social distancing and not breathe on other people this summer.

This Summer is Different

I know I am desperate to go somewhere, anywhere, far from home, when we are finally safe to do so. Will I want to be on the field for hours in the hot sun cheering on my kids, or would all of us rather be on a warm beach playing in the ocean? Hmmm. That’s a tricky choice.

Most of these summer sports for kids can be enjoyed by your teens independently of your participation or cheering, so it might not be an issue either way.

Explore for yourself and have an honest conversation with your family about what balancing youth sports and family life will look like for you all, especially this year. You can have it both ways, but it involves having a plan and being intentional.

Either way, have a wonderful summer friend! I hope your kids have an amazing time.

Cheers Chandra Laboy Joy

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Summer Sports for Kids
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