6 Easy Tasks for Successful Softball Season Prep

The softball season is upon us and if you haven’t prepared yet, don’t worry. It’s never too late for softball season prep. Unless it’s near the end of the season, and in that case you have a head start on next season!

But, if you have been blindsided by the calendar and the longer days, it really is time to get ready.


Okay fine, where do we start?

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softball season prep

1. Check that her softball gear is ready for the season

Does your athlete have all her gear and equipment in order? Cleat’s, bat, bag, helmet, glove, face guard. You know, all the things she needs to play the game? Does she need new pants or a different colored belt? Go through the list found here at The Ultimate FastPitch Equipment List to make sure she is all set. You can also find a printable copy of the Ultimate FastPitch Equipment List in my free resource library.

  • Check the condition of her existing gear. Clean or condition as necessary.
  • Order what you’re missing online, especially if you are too strapped for time to go hunting the malls for what she needs.

2. Prep your dinner meals for game nights

Prep your freezer meal and meal planning game. I admit this activity is next-level-on-top-of-your-game type stuff but its something to aspire to. Having a stock of meals pre-prepped, cut, assembled and ready to throw in the crockpot, instant pot, skillet, or oven WILL change your life and how you feel about preparing meals on busy game days.

There are several freezer meal plans out there to help simplify the planning part of this job. My favorite is MyFreezEasy. The meal plans are tasty, so simple to put together, and they yield great results. I particularly love the freezer to Instant Pot recipes. Talk about making dinners easy to pull off. Dump it in frozen before you leave for the game and come back to a hot cooked meal. Winning! It’s a busy mom’s recipe for dinner success all year through, but particularly through the season!!

If you don’t have an electric pressure cooker yet, let me take a side note to say, those little machines are a wonder of efficiency in the kitchen. My favorite dependable electric pressure cooker is a 6-qt Instant Pot Ultra.

This beauty can handle everything from slow-cooked stews, chilis, hard-boiled eggs, meats, pasta, veggies, rice, grains like oatmeal, desserts and so much more.

I really can see why these are all the rage! Talk about a mother’s helper!!

And my favorite crash course to learn how to use an electric pressure cooker is the EPC101 course by Erin Chase of MyFreezEasy.

3. Get the car ready for softball games

There is so much I have already written about preparing the car for games. Check out How to Best Prepare your Car for Travel Softball for real-life tips on how simple it can be to be ready for all life’s little emergencies on the softball field, whether your game is a field across town, or across the state.

Plus find handy checklists for packing the car for travel and tournament softball too.

4. Make sure your snack plan is set

Having snacks will be the way you all hang in until after the games. Having an after-school snack, and game time snacks is the way most families I know with kids at the field last through the games to dinner time.

Your player might enjoy snacks during games to fuel up too. Most coaches don’t have a problem with this. After all, your kids are not pro ballers. They are hungry kids playing ball.

Check out this post about the best cooler must-haves for game time Healthy Game Day Snacks to Make You Queen of the Cooler. It’s all about healthy snacks for pre-game, post-game and bench meals that will fuel your player (and the rest of your family enjoying the game).

softball home plate

5. Look to the week ahead and plan for successful softball season prep

  • Pick your game days.
  • Pick your meals for the week.
  • Shop, prep, freeze, cook.
  • Do you need to find a ride for your kids to and from games at all this week? Organize that ahead.
  • Who is going where and when? Different kids playing different sports this week. Get it all down on the family command center so your kids can get into the habit of knowing what is coming up this day and later this week.

6. Get your Playbook ready for successful softball season prep

Wish someone would walk you through all this prep work? Wish you had a complete checklist you could use to organize yourself all season long? Wish that person guiding you was me?

I created The Mom’s Playbook to Conquering Softball Season just for moms like you who need someone to simply guide them on what to do to get ready for the season. It’s fun, helpful, and so relatable.

softball season prep

Plus, The Mom’s Playbook to Conquering Softball Season Workbook has printable checklists for your softball equipment list prep, your car packing prep, the weekly schedule, dinner prep and more.

You do not have to struggle with disorganization related to softball season anymore! Pick it up today.


As the season comes to an end, don’t forget to give your favorite athlete and her coach a treat. Try one of the ideas from 28 Fabulous Gifts for Softball Players as a surprise to commemorate the season.

I am so proud of you for taking control and getting started! It’s going to be a great season. Let’s Play Ball!


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softball season prep

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