Does spring signal the start of your family's chaotic season?

softball playbook

This ebook helps you not just survive but thrive every softball season!

You’ll master:

  • Making a plan for your family’s weekly schedule that will have you feeling like a champ.
  • Daily routines that keep the family organized, everyone fed, and your stress level down.
  • Nightly routines that insure your player is geared up and ready for game time.
  • Prepping your car for practice, travel games, and even 3-day tournaments.
  • How to create excitement around softball tournament weekends for the rest of your family.
  • What it means to be an example of good sportsmanship for your children.
  • What to prepare before the season begins, and decisions to make once the season ends.
  • Breaking through the mental guilt and overwhelm most softball moms struggle with.

The Mom’s Playbook to Conquering Softball Season is here to break through the chaos and help you conquer the season's overwhelm once and for all.


The Mom's Playbook to Conquering Softball Season


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softball playbook

69 pages of advice, ideas, plans and encouragement for sports moms everywhere cheering on girls to greatness! Delivered to your email.


The Mom's Workbook to Conquering Softball Season


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softball workbook

8 REUSABLE & PRINTABLE worksheets, planning pages, packing lists, meal ideas, and monthly countdowns to have you on your A-Game! Delivered to your email. THE WORKBOOK

The Mom's Playbook and Workbook BUNDLE


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Softball bundle

The Mom's Playbook and The Workbook BUNDLE for conquering softball season chaos once and for all! Delivered to your email.

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Say goodbye to Frazzled Mom CHAOS for good!

Tryouts have been announced and you are already freaking out, aren't you?

When you have a plan for what to prepare before the season even starts, anxiety has no time to creep in.

"What do you mean your first game is tomorrow and you need a new glove?"

Learn what your athlete needs to prepare and be responsible for her own gear before each game. It's a life skill, after all!

Turn in your Frazzled Mom's Club card, and get organized.

The weekly softball success plan will have you feeling organized so the once dreaded question "what's for dinner?" will plague you no more!

Your girl really loves this game, doesn't she? Help her grow.

Here is a game plan for you when your daughter shows signs she is ready to get serious about this sport. Give her the tools and skills she needs to compete.

"You need what?" Getting the car stocked for travel softball.

Never forget another essential necessity while you are miles from home. Prepare your car with everything from sunscreen, to hair elastics, and everything else you need.

Feeling stretched too thin, like butter on a piece of toast?

How to care for yourself when you are feeling the burnout of the busyness of the season catching up with you. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

softball playbook

Get the Mom's Playbook to Conquering Softball Season now.

It's time to enjoy the spring and summer once again. No more dreading the blossoms on the trees as a sign that spring is here and so is the softball season chaos. Time to get yourself organized and stop blaming your overwhelm on your kids. It's time to take control of you.

You need the Workbook

The companion Workbook to the Mom's Playbook for Conquering Softball Season has printable checklists, weekly plan sheets for your family command center, monthly countdowns to the season to keep you on track to being prepared before the first pitch, packing lists for the car and more.

softball workbook

Laboy Joy

About Chandra Laboy

I'm Chandra from, and for years, I was the epitome of a frazzled mom.

I had no plan for the day, I flew by the seat of my pants, had no idea what was for dinner most days, and my home was a hot mess.

I love my girls and support their passion for sports. Luckily, I am a work-from-home mom so I have the flexibility to be there at most games. But, I was so busy with work and then running around like a taxi driver after-school, that I ignored my home.

I was overwhelmed, felt guilty, and I dreaded the change in schedule that came with a softball season that’s dependent on the weather. I like knowing what is coming next in my schedule, but spring weather does not always cooperate, and games days can get shifted around.

I remember going UGH, it's not springtime already, is it? WHO DOES THAT? An unprepared softball mom, that's who. I figured out how to change all that, and that is what I am here to pass on to you.

Reclaim your love of springtime and cheer your child on with joy!

Softball is Life

Let it be a good one.

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