How to Buy Cool Gifts Your Teenage Musician Will Love

gifts for Teenage Musicians

Cool Gifts for Teenage Musicians that ROCK!

Buying gifts for teenage musicians can be a very tricky thing. Teens can be particular and you want to get something they will think is very cool. But, you also have a budget to consider, and can’t spend it all on one person. So what’s a girl to do?

Laboy Joy to the rescue with a shopping guide made specifically for the teenage musicians in your life.

Here are 9 Cool Gifts Your Teenage Musicians Will Love

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Gifts for Teenage Musicians

1. So where is the music coming from? Choose a Music Player

If it’s a tween, they may not have a smartphone with music loaded up yet, like an iPhone. In that case, an Apple iPod Touch 32gb will make you a superhero for sure.

2. Headphones

The iPod or iPhone will come with a set of headphones. But for amazing sound upgrade your teen to a pair of Air Pods.

Apple Air Pods

You have to know your teen a bit here first. Are they the responsible type that will keep track of their pods? That will remember to recharge them? If not, that may not be the best option.
In that case, go for something a bit more reasonably priced like over the ear noise canceling headphones.

COWIN E7 Pro [2018 Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Bluetooth Headphones

These beauties are noise canceling, very transportable and wireless for ease of use and versatility.

3. Speakers

If your teen likes to crank up the tunes in their room, their shower or by the pool, these choices are perfect! Waterproof and with Bluetooth capability, these little powerhouse speakers will get the job done with great sound quality and portability. They also will not break the bank.

ECOXGEAR – ECOROX Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

ECOXGEAR EcoSlate Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

4. Radio Alarm Clock

If you want to go old school, how about a dual purpose gift of a radio/alarm clock for their rooms. This one has a port for USB charging. The FM radio features is a particularly useful gift for teenage musicians who like to catch what’s new on the radio.

5. Music Subscription

Now for some new tunes. An Apple Music subscription will give your teen access to the world of music to allow them to really expand their exposure to different genres without the worry of paying for a listen.
Unlike iTunes where you have to buy each piece of music to be able to listen, the Apple Music subscription will let you listen to an unlimited amount of songs and music. The entire Apple Music catalog in fact.
Your teen can download music to their device to listen to offline, create playlists, etc.
The difference between Apple Music and iTunes is they won’t “own the music” with Apple Music. As long as they are subscribed, they can listen to anything they like, as often as you like.
If they want to buy the music to listen to in the event they cancel the subscription they can do that in the iTunes Store, but then at that time, they will know what they love.
This is a great way to let teenagers try out jazz, Bollywood, and classical music as well as listen to their favorite country, pop and hip hop.
Amazon Music Unlimited is a more robust version of Amazon Music included in an Amazon Prime Membership, so check that out too!
Spotify is another music subscription service.

6. iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes gift cards are always welcome for allowing your teen to buy their own favorite music for their digital collection.

7. Favorite Musical Instrument

Let’s say your teen plays the trumpet in the 8th-grade band and it’s a rental. They really enjoy the instrument and want to play it in high school for the marching band and beyond. You know they are dedicated.
Perhaps you and a few other family members can chip in to buy your teen their own instrument.
This is a gift for teenage musicians of a lifetime!
Other ideas are a music stand, a case, accessories particular to the instrument, tuning instruments, and smaller accessories like a mouthpiece, strings, reeds, etc.

8. Concert Tickets

A gift of tickets to a concert of their favorite band is definitely a splurge gift your teen would be ecstatic about.
If your teen is into jewelry, there is no shortage of music inspired pieces you could find.

9. Decorations, Art, and Jewelry

This can be a fun category to shop for. Wall decals, art, jewelry, and other music inspired pieces for room decoration can show your teen you encourage their love for music.

The LIST:9 Best Music Gifts for Teens that ROCK!

  1. A music player
  2. Headphones
  3. Speakers
  4. Radio Alarm Clock
  5. Music Subscription
  6. iTunes Music Gift Card
  7. Favorite Musical Instrument
  8. Concert Tickets
  9. Decorations, Art, and Jewelry
Happy shopping!
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