The Ultimate Fastpitch Softball Equipment List

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Is it finally time to dust off your softball gear, say goodbye to winter, and say “Hello SPRING!” When it’s officially time to kick off the softball season you want to be ready. Wondering how to prep your softball equipment (or your daughter’s) for the new season? Here is the Ultimate Fastpitch Softball Equipment List that is player tested and coach approved!

It’s Time to Play Ball! Softball!

On this list is everything you absolutely need to make sure you have sized up, reconditioned or replaced your softball equipment list in time for practices and the season opener.


The Ultimate Fastpitch Softball Equipment List – Player Tested, Coach Approved!

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Sized Up: Have you grown over the last year?

You may have outgrown most of these softball equipment essentials from last year. Check the size and condition of the following must-haves:

  • Softball Cleats
  • Softball Pants (if they are not supplied with your uniform)
  • Softball Bat – is it time to resize your bat to adjust for arm length and weight of bat/increased strength?
  • Batting Gloves
  • Sliding Shorts
  • Practice Sneakers, preferably an old pair that still fit or are not expensive.
  • Slides/Sandals/Toms make great shoes to wear after the game if you don’t want sand, dirt, and mud in your car’s carpet or if you don’t want to wear your slippery cleats to a restaurant or store after the game.

If any of these do not need replacing, give them a nice once-over and get them looking fresh and like new. You would be amazed what a little Dawn dish soap and magic eraser can do to make things sparkle again.

Freshen up: Time to Recondition

Speaking of refreshing, be sure to check out these staples for wear and tear.

  • Softball Glove – If you can keep your current bat or glove, how about conditioning it and giving it a little love?
  • Softball Bat Bag – Take it out, dust it off, clean out the empty water bottles and sunflower seeds from last season, tip it over and dump the sand and dust out. Vacuum it out, even. Then get a damp soapy washcloth and give it a nice once over, and let it dry. It will be looking like new.
  • Softball Bat – Does your bat have dents? Does it hit as well as it did when you first got it?
  • Softball Helmet – wipe it down with a damp cloth and shake out all the dirt from last season.
  • Catcher’s equipment (if that’s your position) – make sure all the snaps, elastics and padding are in good condition.
  • Face Mask – make sure the elastic adjustment straps and padding are still in good condition, and still fits well.

If you do need to replace the above, it’s better to do it the beginning of the season when softball equipment tends to be on sale and in stock. You don’t want your softball bag to finally rip apart mid-season and the stores have moved on to golfing and soccer gear or online stores get sold out.

Gear Up: Your Softball Uniform

  • Most teams will provide you with a softball uniform as part of your team fees. This usually includes:
    • Hat/Visor/Headband
    • Jersey Top
    • Pants/short
    • Belt
    • Socks
      • Pick up several extra socks in your team colors. Socks will need to be changed out for each game and if you have multiple games in a weekend, you will want several of these on hand.
      • Some veterans recommend getting 5 pairs of socks for a week’s worth of practice & games.
  • If your team does not provide any of the above, go ahead and pick up the items that are needed.
  • Some teams (typically a tournament team) may also provide matching Helmet, Bat Bag, and Warm Up Jacket.
  • Optional but recommended: dry wicking undergarments for your uniform (especially if you only have one jersey top.)
    • This way, you can have alternating tops to wear under your uniform jersey on weeks with back to back days with games and no time for laundry in between.
    • These are can be designed for either heat gear or cold gear depending on your season of playing.
    • Do make sure you have Cold Gear that matches your uniform for games that are very cold at the start of the season.

Let’s talk Laundry for a second:

The reality of softball season is this. If you have a game on a Tuesday and get in at 8:30/9:00 from the field, and have a game on Wednesday straight after school/work, when would you have time to wash your entire sweaty, smelly uniform?

This is why having extra sweat-wicking undershirts, sliding pants, and socks are ideal. You can wear your grass-stained uniform again (no one cares about that), but if it is walking to the field on its own from the funk, not cool!

Stock up!

Ah, your favorite part of the softball equipment list, making sure you have all your goodies and accessories ready to go in your Bat Bag.

  • Eye Black
  • Water Bottle
  • Gum stash
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Extra hair elastics/headbands
  • Sunscreen/sunscreen lip balm
  • Bug Repellant
  • Microfiber cloth to clean glasses (if you wear those)
  • Sunglasses

Batter up!

Get excited to clean out your bag, check off the items on the fastpitch softball equipment list and start a fresh new season feeling good and looking good!

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