Top 10 Fall Sports High School Girls Play

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When you have an athletic daughter who is still trying to spread her wings and find her sport, it can be helpful to know which are the sports by season that would interest her. Here are the top 10 fall sports high school girls play.

Fall is a wonderful time for high school sports. The temperature is still mostly seasonal throughout the country. The extreme heat of the summer is simmering down and it is much more comfortable weather to play outdoor sports.


Plus, kids are usually still excited to be back in school and see their friends and teammates again.

High School Girls Playing Volleyball a Fall Sport

Top Outdoor Fall Sports High School Girls Play

Cross Country

Cross Country is the ultimate long-distance outdoor track and field sport. Running through all types of terrain, through all weather conditions, and usually, for long distances, this track & field sport is a test of will, endurance, fortitude, in addition to speed.

Cross Country teams tend to train every morning including in the summer months. If your daughter is interested in long-distance running, have her connect with the Cross Country coach the summer before her freshman year to begin her training.

Equipment for Cross Country is really simple. Running shorts, supportive running bra, and excellent, supportive, cross country running shoes.

Field Hockey

Girls playing field hockey
Photo by Rachel Barkdoll

Field Hockey is a girl’s team sport made up of 11 players running on grass/turf fields, with a short hooked field hockey stick and hockeyball.

It is one of the oldest organized collegiate team sports played by women in the United States.

Field Hockey is similar to ice hockey in that the ball is slid/passed across the grassy field towards a goal. The differences are grass vs ice, hockey ball vs. hockey puck and the field hockey net is closer to the size of a soccer net and therefore in my opinion, far harder to guard than an ice hockey net.

Equipment for Field Hockey is a field hockey stick, hockey ball, shin guards and mouthpiece. Uniforms provided by the school consist of short running skorts or shorts, and a tank or short-sleeved shirt, worn with shin guards similar to soccer shin guards to protect against wacks to the legs by the hockey sticks.

Strangely though, the goalies wear full ice hockey like goalie gear. Really cumbersome in my opinion, but perhaps it helps saves hockeyballs from passing the goal line. To me, it looks like it can impair the goalie’s defensive mobility, but where she is often diving to the ground and having hard hockeyballs flung at her head and body at surprising speed and force, I can see the need for protection.

This is definitely a sport that can continue into college.


Girls playing soccer
Photo by Jeffrey Lin

Soccer is an extremely popular sport for girls as evidenced by the skills and athleticism of our phenomenal US Women’s Soccer Team.

Soccer can be a popular spring sport for younger players or tournament teams, but at the high school level, the official season is in the fall.

Soccer can be played as a young girl, through elementary, middle school, high school, college and at the professional level. Because of its popularity, it is extremely competitive these days to make the varsity teams so girls need to work hard to hone their craft in soccer.

Still, it is a great sport for fast, agile, girls with great athleticism, and strong necks!

Personally, it’s always satisfying to see sports that were traditionally dominated by men become bested by the ladies. Women are taking over the sport of soccer here in the U.S. right now and I must say I am here for it.


Girl playing golf
Photo by Brenda Lai

Another sport that is gaining popularity with young girls in Golf. Golf is a sport that may be a little less accessible for the average girl as many may not have access to a golf course growing up, and clubs can be more expensive than a soccer ball, but still, a girl can play golf as well as any boy.

Girls that play golf can enjoy the sport well into their lives both as the amateur level, professionally as well as recreationally.

Marching Band

marching band
Photo by Tom Dahm

Marching Band is a sport that involves serious musical talent, timing, and coordination. Musicians play instruments from the woodwind, brass and percussion sections while marching in time and formation.


This is a sport that requires a deep time commitment as band camp typically begins in the summer during school vacation in preparation of the Marching Band season which usually corresponds with the Football season. Plus daily practices and rehearsals are hours long. So keep that in mind with everything else going on getting acclimated to a new school year.

All that said, marching band members can be friends for life. The bonds built are strong, and the skills honed through marching band can serve through college and far into adulthood.

Color Guard

Marching Band, Color Guard
Photo by Frankie Lopez

Color guard is a segment of the Marching Band. A group of athletes that perform a visual interpretation of the music played by the Marching Band. Typically with flags, wooden rifles or sabers.


Cheerleaders at a football game
Photo by Rajiv Perera

Cheerleading in the fall is often associated with support of the Football Team but is beginning to see popularity at other sporting events as well. Competitive cheerleading is often considered a Winter Sport.

Cheerleading is a combination of dancing, cheering, and acrobatics. It is a serious sport that often involves a great deal of strength, balance, athleticism, and energy. Schools usually provide the uniform for the cheerleading teams.

Dance Team

Dance Team performs at football games and in the winter during basketball games, often performing at half time. Competition dance teams perform throughout the year depending on the intensity of the program in your school.

Dance Team can be called Dance Squad, drill team, pom squad depending on your area. Dance team in a sport that incorporates choreographed dance, technical jumps, leaps, splits, and sometimes poms or cheers.

Dance is a highly competitive sport and can go from youth Dance team through high school, collegiate, all-star, and professional teams.

Indoor Fall Sports for High School Girls

Swimming and Diving

Swim races
Photo by Arisa Chattasa 

Competitive Swimming is a great sport for girls that feel happiest in the water. Swim Team is a wonderful, non-impact sport for girls. Plus, swimming is a sport that translates into a life-long skill that a woman can enjoy throughout her lifetime.

Equipment includes swim cap, goggles, and a swimsuit.


Girls playing volleyball
Photo by Vince Fleming

Volleyball is a fun fall sport for high school girls that aren’t afraid to go for it. Volleyball requires hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and a willingness to dive onto a hard surface to save a ball from hitting the ground.

Volleyball can be played in the sand for beach volleyball, but usually at the high school level volleyball is played indoors on a court.

Volleyball a sport that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, but is typically a draw for the taller girls with the longer arms.

If you love volleyball or wonder what you need to get started, check out this post called Volleyball Gear: 13 Essentials She Needs to Feel Cool on the Court.

So Many Fall Sports for High School Girls

With so many fun options from these Top 10 Fall Sports for High School Girls, there are a lot of great choices for an athlete who might be searching for a sport to pursue at the start of the school year.

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Here’s to girl sports to play in the cool autumn breeze,

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