Chandra Laboy

Chandra is the chocolate-chip loving mother of 2 teenage girls who started over again with a baby boy in her 40’s! She is the author of The Mom’s Playbook to Conquering Softball Season. She gives other moms the tools they need to prepare their daughters for real life. Her content is centered on helping girls grow up to be well-rounded, equipped, expressive, confident, intelligent, capable, kind and independent.

Healthy Game Day Snacks

Healthy Game Day Snacks to Make You Queen of the Cooler

Looking for healthy game day snacks or team snack ideas to stock up your cooler for your kid’s softball games? Look no further, because these 50 snack ideas softball families love will make you Queen of the ice cooler. We talk about pre-game snacks to fuel up for the game. Team snacks for the dugout to keep their energy up. Snacks to keep the witching hour at bay for your other kids watching the game, and post-game snacks for teens that will not ruin their dinner appetite. Team Mom Winning!