Chandra Laboy

Chandra is the chocolate-chip loving mother of 2 teenage girls who started over again with a baby boy in her 40’s! She is the author of The Mom’s Playbook to Conquering Softball Season. She gives other moms the tools they need to prepare their daughters for real life. Her content is centered on helping girls grow up to be well-rounded, equipped, expressive, confident, intelligent, capable, kind and independent.

father-daughter bonding strategies

5 Father-Daughter Bonding Strategies for Strong Teen Years

The teen years can put such a strain on a father-daughter relationship. Dad doesn’t want his little girl to grow up because he doesn’t want to lose her. She is powerless to stop all the changes that are going on inside her. All she wants to know is that dad still loves her no matter what and will protect her. These ideas for Father-Daughter Bonding Strategies will keep your relationship healthy throughout the teenage years.

daddy-daughter date ideas

12+ Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas that will Delight your Teen

Are you looking for ideas on how to spend some quality time bonding with your teen on your next daddy-daughter date night? Then definitely check out these daddy-daughter date ideas for teens that will delight and surprise her. Whether its valentine’s or anytime, your teenage daughter wants to know that she is as special to you know as she was when she was your little girl.

gifts for teenage artists

The Best Gifts for Teenage Artists This Year

You have a budding teenage artist whose dedication to her art is ready to bloom. Pick these tools and gifts for teenage artists to let her creativity shine. From drawing, sculpting, painting, and color tools, to graphic art tools, and more, set up your teenage artists with the best tools available today.

I need a break from my kids with a stressed out woman

Help! I need a break from my kids!

If you find yourself saying “Help! I need a break from my kids or my spouse!” several times a day, it’s okay. Take it as a sign that you are stressed and need some relief. Here are tips and tricks if you are feeling on the brink of the edge over your family, and how to escape to get a little alone time.