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Welcome to Laboy Joy. Where we support and encourage moms who are preparing their teenage daughters to be equipped, balanced, joyful women.

The road of motherhood feels like a complicated, tangled mess. of juggling roles, prioritizing needs, negotiating terms, and avoiding obstacles. It can be downright hazardous.

Factor in the ever-changing dynamic of your developing teenage daughters with their complex emotions, ever-raging hormones, and unending expectations and pressures, and we wonder why our households can feel like we’re walking through a minefield. 

It’s tough for moms, and can we often feel like we are going to make a grave error that will mess up our kids for the long-term. 

But relax, all we can do is our best. And our one true job is to help our girls to develop mentally and emotionally, to be prepared, to become confident, independent, and wise. 

And that is why Laboy Joy is here. To walk alongside you as a fellow mother. With no judgment (this is the HARDEST JOB as parents and we will make mistakes). With compassion, and cheering you on in the fight! 

About Chandra 

I am the founder, owner, and writer of Laboy Joy. I started Laboy Joy when I was home with my infant son who came as a surprise after raising two daughters into their tween years! I couldn’t believe I was starting over with pregnancy in my 40s.

I wanted a place for moms who were surviving teens and toddlers to get together and figure this thing out. Parenting large Age-Gap kids is a unique family dynamic. It was also then that I began the Joy in Chaos Podcast. 

What I realized after a while was, how fascinating parenting is through the teenage daughter dynamic.

My girls are unique and complex. One is artistic, one is musical. One is into writing, the other is into her gaming and devices. One is into history, the other is into literature. Both are spirit-filled but express it in their own unique ways.

One is very studious, one just gets by so she can get to her real passions. My girls are into sports, so I am a sports mom and have been for over a decade now! 

Most importantly, both are almost out of the door.

I need to get them ready to be on their own. I do not want them feeling unprepared. I want them to have experiences that will lead to them feeling confident and ready for whatever life obstacles will be thrown their way.

Both are considered special needs children, due to different medical conditions, but I have never allowed that to keep them from being a “normal” kid or to hinder them in any way. To look at them now as young women, you wouldn’t know how much they have struggled in their development growing up. Still, it colored my experience as a mother and put extra pressure on me for sure. 

Then we also have a little guy running around our legs keeping us all on our toes. 

As for my personal life, I was educated and held a career as an environmental engineer. I changed career paths to become a work from home mom with my own business for the last two decades, and I now also work as a product specialist for an awesome technology company.

I volunteer in my church, I sing in the praise band, I am a writer and I run this blog. Oh, and I am the wife and lover of my sweet and sexy honey for the past 20+ years. And so much more. 

We are all so fascinating and unique with interesting life stories. So enough about me, and let’s get going! This journey is going to be busy for sure. I cannot wait to have you join along.

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