10 Reasons a Family with a Newborn Should Get Amazon Prime

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The top 10 reasons parents should get Amazon Prime & Amazon Family (at least for the first few months of their baby’s life).

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Your baby is brand new and just came home. Baby is vulnerable to germs and mom is in postpartum recovery. There are many reasons to employ the conveniences of a delivery service like Amazon Prime. Here are the top 10 reasons a family with a newborn should get Amazon Prime and Amazon Family trial memberships.


You have a new baby! Congratulations are in order! The coos, soft skin and big eyes melt you away. All you want to do now is cuddle and smell that sweet skin. Ah, parenthood.

If it were up to you, you would stay lost in your bliss. Only there are other responsibilities to take care of, like the other children you’ve borne who’ve lost that sweet newborn baby smell you love. Ah, that sweet smell, it is so delicious… Wait! I digress!

See the problem here? You are wrapped up in newborn bliss, tender postpartum recovery, and exhaustion.

But the show must go on.

Now you have to go out and shop for a different diaper cream because the one you picked out is giving your sweetheart a slight rash.

And you didn’t realize you were running out of toilet paper and dishwasher detergent. We cannot really ignore these problems for very much longer. Can we?

But the thought of taking your sweet love out into a Target store filled with germy, flu-ridden, well-meaning strangers that will be drawn to your stroller like a moth to a flame, makes you start kicking out your leg like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Easy Mama!!!

Enter the easy-peasy solution! Get Amazon Prime, my friends. Yes, Amazon Prime.  At least for the first few weeks of your baby’s life – You Need This.

BONUS!!!! You can get a 30-Day Free Trial of Amazon Prime. Just enough time to get through the first few weeks while your baby is building up his immunity. And you are building up your strength again. Cough, OUCH!

These are the top 10 reasons you should get Amazon Prime and Amazon Family:

1. To Avoid Germs

Remember the germ-ridden strangers putting their faces next to your baby to smell her sweet smell? And GASP, touch her sweet soft skin?? “NOOOOOOOO!!! Get away from my child!”

At least for the first 30 days, no dragging your newborn out to stores. Especially in the winter. Trust me on this.

You have a lifetime to show off your bundle of joy. And by then you should not have to worry about RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) either.

2. It feels like Christmas in July – Free FAST Shipping

How does receiving packages delivered directly to your door sound? When you get Amazon Prime Most items are available for FREE, 2-day delivery. And depending on where you live, some items are eligible for next day or SAME day. STOP!!!

Why would anyone go out to the store? Seriously? Based on how often some of you buy online and pay for shipping, or upping your cart contents to qualify for “free shipping”, the free shipping and free returns offered from the Amazon Prime/Amazon Family Membership is worth the annual fee.

3. Your weakness for all things “baby cute”

Now that you know with 100% certainty your baby’s gender, shopping online will prevent you from getting sucked into all the cuteness at the store, and from buying everything in sight. 

MONEY SAVER RIGHT THERE! Probably will save you the cost of admission folks.

4. Save $Moola$

Many people talk about how online shopping (even grocery shopping) saves them from spending money they did not intend to because they can see before they arrive at the checkout, how much they would be spending.  And they can cut out items without embarrassment. Has ANYONE been there? Or is that just me??

Just be careful not to go nuts buying everything you see online in your postpartum delirium.

5. Movies and TV shows to watch at 3am, plus music too!

Amazon Prime offers many shows and movies available to stream to your TV and devices for those late nights when you are comforting a sleepless child.


Amazon Prime also gives you access to Amazon Music for free music to download and play for your baby to fall asleep too, in case your classical music collection was not up to snuff.

For many, this alone seals the deal for them to go ahead and get Amazon Prime.

6. Save precious time driving from place to place

On Amazon, shop through thousands of choices without going all over town. Plus, if you live in a small town you are now being saved from having to spend hours on the road to get to the big town malls.

Who has time for this?? Not with a newborn you don’t.

Just what you need, your sweet child wailing in the back seat half way to a mall 45 minutes away. NO THANK YOU!

Plus you get to shop from ANYWHERE on any of your devices: computer, tablet or phone. Thank you, Amazon Prime!

7. Amazon Family Perks Save You Money

Amazon Family (a free perk of Amazon Prime Members) allows you to save extra discounts on items that you are subscribed to like diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, body wash, toothpaste.

Things you go through on a regular basis. SCORE another one for families.

8. Amazon Prime Baby Registry

If you have your Baby Registry through Amazon, you can get extra perks like a Welcome Box full of samples to try and 15% off your registry completion.

Not to mention the EASE of your family purchasing exactly what you are looking for online, and having it delivered to them for personal gift giving or straight to your door.

All with the CONFIDENCE of Amazon backing it up. People like shopping with well-known companies.

Returns policy on Baby Registry items is a breeze at 90 days. That SHOULD be enough time to let you figure out what you want to keep for your baby or not! LOL!

Create an Amazon Baby Registry here

9. Easy-Peasy Christmas Shopping

Oh, if it is anywhere near Christmas Time PLEASE JUST SIGN UP to get Amazon Prime right now.

Save yourself and your baby from approaching a mall.

And if you need to drag older children along, Sister, I just beg you for humanity’s sake and for yours, save yourself the monumental effort of corralling several children and pushing your stroller through a crowded mall with long lines.

This is a must do for you. Sign up right here. Right. Now.

10. Avoid long grocery lines for that first month of baby’s life – try AmazonFresh

An AmazonFresh Membership is an additional $14.99 per month to have your groceries delivered whenever you need them.

This is an added feature you may enjoy well past the newborn phase, said every experienced mom with a child throwing a tantrum in the aisles at the local grocery store!

It may not be economically practical for every week, but there may be an emergency situation when you have sick kids at home that you just can’t get out and you foresee the need for milk, eggs, and bread. It could be the difference for you between dread and life!

For that first month of your baby’s life at home, it may just be worth it to give the free trial a go.

Try AmazonFresh Free Trial here

Why not just Go for it?

So what are you waiting for? Try an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. Sign up for your 30-day trial and if you don’t see the value, give it up in a month and go back to hitting the stores.

By then your sweetheart will have built up his immunity and you will hopefully be almost fully recovered from your labor of love. 

Amazon Prime Membership is a 30-Day Free Trial, after that it is $12.99 per month or $99 for the year.

Have you ever thought to ask a loving family member for a gift membership? Send them to this link: Give the Gift of Amazon Prime This is an ideal way give a gift of Amazon Prime to those that have it all, and maybe if you are lucky,  to receive one as well.

If you haven’t yet set up your Amazon Baby Registrycreate an Amazon Baby Registry here. This, of course, is free! 

Amazon Family is a free program of Amazon Prime.

Bonus Tip: Amazon Prime Day is coming in mid-July so be ready to go with your free trial. In 2018 it’s Monday, July 16th. Don’t miss out. Deals are up right now!

As always, I have enjoyed sharing these tips with you, please feel free to share this post on social media and with other expectant families. 

I look forward to our next time together.

Congratulations to your family!


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