For moms who are preparing their teenage daughters to be equipped, balanced, joyful women.

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Welcome to Laboy Joy!

This is a place for the mom who is on a mission to prepare her daughter to be equipped for an independent life. 

The mom who wants more than anything for her daughter to be a balanced, well-rounded, joyful young woman, ready for what lies ahead as she develops into an adult with a life path of her own. 

This is no easy task. The journey through the teenage years is highly unpredictable. So many different twists and turns can come your way. And the road is so different for all of us. 

Still, a mom navigating her daughter to adulthood needs support and friendship. 

Let me offer the hand of fellowship here at Laboy Joy as we journey together. 

I’m a mom of two teenage daughters and a young son. I am a sports mom. A special-needs mom. A mom of musicians and artists, writers, and gamers. I am the mom of an introvert and a wild child. 

I got you, momma. I am you. We are going to walk this journey together with joy, positivity, and a great deal of laughter! 

I know you can do this and do it well! Let’s go! 

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Thank you for joining us here at Laboy Joy!

cheers Chandra of Laboy Joy

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